Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Mark's Favorite Things - Gift Ideas

Oprah has her favorite things list but I couldn't find too many great gifts to buy - So I decide to make my own favorite things list that might help you find a gift or two. All these are things that I have purchased and really enjoy or find useful.

Favorite tea

Favorite travel mug
We don't use any other mugs anymore.

Favorite foodie hot sauce
Very hot. A little goes a long way.

Favorite keep your dog busy toy

Favorite winter hat

Favorite every day olive oil
Great for salad dressings or bread.

Favorite personal Bluetooth speaker

Super sharp 8" knife
Really nicely boxed.

 Blooming glass tea pot
Order some extra blooming teas

Folding heavy duty rack

 Box cutter (we use this almost every day)

Larry Sanders DVD

Best business book

Heated throw
Deana's favorite thing.

Garlic flavored cooking spray
Use use this ALL the time.

Toilet paper holder

Small portable charger

Floating lounger We take these to Jamaica every year

Egg Cooker

Ticketmaster gift card
For your friends who love music.

Beef Jerky
It's in my glove compartment and gig drink bag.

Lightweight shoe  I love these

Meat grinder - How we make our own sausage

Cooling towel (great when mowing the lawn)

Best bumper sticker - We both have these on our cars and they work!

Awesome DVD

Cup holder coin holder  - Handy!

Stubby tool kit 
These are in my van as if I could ever fix anything.

Non stick cast iron Dutch Oven
You can and should cook on the lid too.

No touch trash can
I know it's a lot for a trash can but you will love it.

Luxe Bidet
This is a game changer.