Tuesday, December 1, 2015

9 tune-up tips for your dance floor.

9 Tune-up Tips for Your Dance Floor by Mark Beecher

Do you want your dance floor to achieve full performance and not break down in the middle of your party? Give your reception a tune up by following these recommended procedures and your celebration will start easier, run smoother, and go the distance!

Step one: Center your dance floor in the middle of the room with the entertainment (DJ or band) set up as close to the dance floor as possible. This spreads the sound evenly and will send the traffic to dance floor with the least congestion.

Step two: Keep the bar, and if you are having one, the photo-booth in the same room as the dance floor. Separating a crowd into different areas reduces the chance of group fun and involvement.

Step Three: Once the dancing starts, don't lose the momentum that will be building. For instance, make sure the speeches, cake cutting, and group photos are done before the dancing begins- including the formal dances.

Step four: Stay close to the dance floor. The temptation of hanging out at the bar or on the outside patio might be strong, but it will also take away from the action on the dance floor. You and your new spouse will be a magnet for where your guests want to be.

Step five – Nothing will clear a dance floor quicker than bare feet and broken glass. The clean up crew with mops and brooms will send the dancing to a grinding halt. Consider having the bar switch to plastic drink-ware when the dance floor opens, or shortly after. Also consider foam coozies for beer bottles.

Step six – Resist the urge to step out “for a few minutes” with the photographer for some late night pictures. If the guests start wondering where you are, they might think the party is close to over and start to leave.

Step seven – If you are like most of the couples we work with, you don't want any cheesy wedding songs played at your reception. Believe me, we get it – BUT, consider allowing your DJ to play one or two in case of an emergency. Songs like Shout, Cha Cha Slide and YMCA (shudder) do bring people together and can revitalize a stalling dance floor.

Step eight – Create an atmosphere that promotes dancing. Guests feel less awkward dancing when the room is dimly lit – Ask the banquet manager to turn down the overhead house lights after the formal dances. Additionally, a room temperature of 70 degrees when the guests arrive will quickly rise to an uncomfortable temperature after a couple of hours. If the room starts to get hot, don't hesitate to ask your venue to make the room cooler!

Step nine – Finally, end the evening on an up note! In the world of entertainment, the adage “Leave them wanting more” also applies to your celebration. Don't let your party fizzle out. Two and a half or three hours of dancing is MORE than enough. Also, think about ending your party at 11:00. Most of your older guests will want to be home before midnight and most of your younger guests will be itching to hit the bars.

Do you want your last dance to be romantic or wrap up with a fun group circle song? Work those details out with your DJ along with the rest of these details and your dance floor will be firing on all cylinders and be remembered by friends and family for years to come!